Friday Roundup, July 13th

  • Indiana governor Mitch Daniels frequently states that in his state “we have learned to restrain our appetites” with regard to the rents and largesse that an unrestrained fiscal policy can provide to citizens. Comes now the news of a rebate for taxpayers in the Hoosier state because of a fiscal surplus which gives even greater contrast to the path chosen by its Illinois neighbor.
  • The Federalist Society expands its already formidable efforts at educating about the principles of law and a free society with its SCOTUSreport. This blog will serve as a storehouse of news and analysis about the Supreme Court.  Early posts by John McGinnis on Citizens United and Nicholas Rosenkranz on constitutional avoidance and Chief Justice Roberts’ reasoning in Sebelius are well worth the time.

Richard Reinsch

Richard Reinsch is the editor of Law and Liberty.

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