Understanding Alexander Hamilton


The next episode of Liberty Law Talk is a discussion with Michael Federici about his new book, The Political Philosophy of Alexander Hamilton. Federici attempts to get beyond the mountains of secondary material on Hamilton and the regnant opinions that he was a monarchist, an elitist, or a proto-nationalist thinker. Federici’s goal, and the point of this podcast, is to understand this American founder as he understood himself and his purposes within the American constitutional realm. Our conversation focuses on Hamilton’s overall political philosophy, but also tries to understand his Christian anthropology,  his constitutionalism, political economy, and foreign policy.

Michael Federici

Dr. Michael P. Federici is Professor of Political Science at Mercyhurst College. He currently serves as department chair. Dr. Federici has published three books, The Challenge of Populism (1991), Eric Voegelin: The Restoration of Order (2002), and The Political Philosophy of Alexander Hamilton (2012).

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