Friday Roundup, August 16th

  • Something new on healthcare from the National Research Initiative at AEI: “[E]stablishing government financed premium supports to subsidize the cost of health insurance, eliminating incentives for employer-provided health insurance, allowing individualized premiums, and promoting long-term contracts.” Since there are no real policy proposals to counter Obamacare and the seeming drift toward single-payer, it is definitely worth a look.

Richard Reinsch

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  1. R Ricard Schweitzer says

    “Something new on healthcare”

    though abbreviated on the AEI Ideas blog, is simply another approach to the “transfer of costs” philosophy of social organization. Of course, other direct approaches to that philosophy have advantages over the perversion of contracts of insurance (which are transfers of risk).

    When we see phrases like “government financed,” it is a soft terminology for cost spreading over the taxpayer base. This is suggested during a time when the actual base of taxpayers is shrinking (it certainly is not growing at the rate of the “need” for healthcare benefits). The government has no money, does it?

    We are currently dealing with an attempt to force the transfer of costs of healthcare benefits first over a base of all persons seeking to provide means for the transfer of risks of needs for healthcare, as well as to provide for general healthcare maintenance through contractual means. To backstop the inadequacy of that base of contractual participants we have begun a legislative process of transferring those healthcare costs not otherwise transferred to the contractual participants to the taxpayer base.

    So, let us reassess whether these approaches are “new.”

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