A Sad Story for the New Year

An apparently innocent man sits in prison.   In recent years, I have become  interested in the issue of imprisoned innocents and men falsely accused of rape.  Sadly, there are many stories of this kind that are available.

Mike Rappaport

Professor Rappaport is Darling Foundation Professor of Law at the University of San Diego, where he also serves as the Director of the Center for the Study of Constitutional Originalism. Professor Rappaport is the author of numerous law review articles in journals such as the Yale Law Journal, the Virginia Law Review, the Georgetown Law Review, and the University of Pennsylvania Law Review. His book, Originalism and the Good Constitution, which is co-authored with John McGinnis, was published by the Harvard University Press in 2013.  Professor Rappaport is a graduate of the Yale Law School, where he received a JD and a DCL (Law and Political Theory).

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  1. aez says

    Horrifying, heartbreaking, stunning. This reminds me of the “witch hunt” child-sexual-abuse cases in Massachusetts (I seem to recall there was more than one) from the 1990s. What is the estimated percentage of men in jail because of this kind of coerced testimony, I wonder, and is there any way to start to reform this?

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