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  1. gabe says

    Great essay!

    Apparently Francis is unaware of Church history. If we were, he would know that much of the work preparatory to a theory (?) and practice of capitalism was the result of numerous Catholic monks, i.e. pricing theory which pre-dated Smith by several hundred years, banking mechanisms, etc.

    At Pomocon, I linked to your piece, as it deserves wide viewership.

    Now if only i can get Obama and his ilk to read it as I fear that in very short order, our Proggie friends will be citing Francis’s encyclical as justification for their redistributionist fantasies and citing the Catholic church as favoring it.
    I wonder how many on the left will be true to their conviction that the Church and State should be separate when a major religious denomination appears to be on their side. Do ya wunda?

    take care

  2. auntturtle says

    Very nicely written, well thought-0ut essay. But, what is the meaning of the following, “. . .that if he [Francis] sees a businessman he thinks is unjust to his workers at communion he maneuvers an assistant to exercise the sacrament (Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Abraham Skorka, On Heaven and Earth: 64). “

  3. says

    Aunt Turtle:

    That phrase confused me also; however, I recalled that Francis while a cardinal would not deny communion to anyone (how could he know their state of grace?) but, knowing their actions, he would not be the one to “legitimize” their devotion, rather delegating that to a subordinate.


    A brilliant piece. Have you seen the Liberty Fund book on a history of liberalism in Argentina? Dry but informative.


  4. Howard says

    Oh, the poor, ignorant Pope! If only he had been born in the USA, he would understand all things about the inherent moral goodness of the American economic system, like the author does. Fortunately, we have a parallel magisterium of bloggers.

  5. says

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