Harvard to Go Egalitarian

Cambridge, MA, April 1, 2014


Harvard_Veritas_The_Truth_Will_Set_U_FreeIn a move designed to foster diversity and to create a university that “thinks like America,” Dr. Drew Gilpin Faust, the President of Harvard University announced yesterday that the school will embrace egalitarian admissions. The school will no longer give priority to students with good grades, high SAT scores, and impressive extra-curricular activities. Such policies have, Dr. Faust acknowledged, created an “elitist” and “inegalitarian” atmosphere at the college. “It is unacceptable in 2014 to be favoring the intelligent over the unlearned, and the energetic over the slothful,” she proclaimed. Starting next year Harvard’s incoming class will have SAT scores ranging from six to sixteen hundred to produce, for the first time, a truly diverse freshman class. The class’ scores will resemble the distribution of scores across the United States.

This mission will extend beyond admissions: “Harvard is now dedicated to fighting ‘thinkism” in all its guises. No longer will Professors grade students based upon how ‘well’ they think or write, or solve math problems or speak French.” Instead, fairness dictates that grades will be assigned by lot–like elections in ancient Athens, the only way to ensure that students who are “better prepared” for college or “better able” to read, write, and think, will not use their time at Harvard to perpetuate their educational and intellectual privilege.

A press release declares that “Harvard is now dedicated to serving the ‘differently intellectual’ and ‘differently learned’ or DIDL students.” The idea that some are “smarter” than others is a prejudice that we need to overcome. The twenty-first century, the era of Hope and Change, is an age of equality. Gone are the days when knowing the difference between “their” and “there,” or references to dead White European males like Goethe or Marlowe were used to perpetuate privilege. There is no reason to favor an applicant who has been reading Shakespeare since he was ten over one who has watched every episode of “Sponge Bob” fifty times.

This summer, the entire Harvard faculty will be trained in sensitivity to needs of DIDL students. There is talk of an, as yet undetermined, plan for affirmative action for “Low IQ Americans.” The Puritans who founded Harvard held that “there is no sin but ignorance.” But they also burned witches, Harvard noted.

Unconfirmed rumors suggest that the move was prompted by the threat of a lawsuit on behalf of the DIDL community by the Department of Education. Facing a court battle that the University was likely to lose, Dr. Faust made a bargain with Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education . . .

Richard Samuelson

Richard Samuelson is Associate Professor of History at California State University, San Bernardino.

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  1. kldimond says

    I sure do HOPE it’s an April Fool joke.

    However, one does have to wonder sometimes, given Harvard’s Injury Prevent Center crew and its “research” into prevention of injury by firearms…

  2. Bob says

    And they’ll all still receive A’s because the faculty is desperate to they create intelligent, educated people through their exceptional talent and it’s not the admissions department that merely identifies and selects them.

  3. says

    As goofy as Harvard is it wouldn’t be surprising if this were NOT an April Fool’s Day joke but an announcement of actual policy degredation. Only “Faust” was a giveaway as to its likely spoof nature, though I still wouldn’t be surprised to see it announced for real in the near future, even this year!

  4. Dennis Logue says

    differently intellectual’ and ‘differently learned’ youth were going to stage a sit in on campus and Harvard officials were afraid of the DIDLY Squat.

  5. JVW says

    If you had really wanted to shock your readers you would have announced that Harvard was going to start hiring tenure-track professors with a center to center-right political perspective, and that henceforth left-wing campus agitators would no longer be coddled and have their every whim catered to. But even the most gullible of us wouldn’t fall for that, not even on April Fool’s Day.

  6. MarkJ says

    Nice April Fool item, but, hey, let’s face it: only in academia could the actions described in the article could be “stupid enough to be true.”

    “There is no idea so stupid, dangerous, or evil that an academic somewhere won’t buy into it.”

  7. moron says

    And of course San Francisco has elected to tax the rich and provide housing for minorities in equal numbers as the general population! San Fran Nan was 1st in line to give up her Northside house for this cause. It will provide a short commute for the migrants doing fruit and vegetable work.

  8. Ivy League 23% Jewish. 1.8% of Population says

    I’ve seen the admission Process at several Ivy League schools. This isn’t far from the truth Goyim!


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