Hamilton versus Jefferson: A Conversation with Carson Holloway on the Struggle to Complete the Founding


This next edition of Liberty Law Talk is a conversation with Carson Holloway on his new book, Hamilton versus Jefferson in the Washington Administration.

Carson Holloway

Carson Holloway is a visiting scholar at the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics of the Heritage Foundation (heritage.org).

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  1. says

    Anything Holloway writes will be excellent. A very good point made here on the constitutional problem with the idea of bounties for manufactures being justified by the general welfare clause of the taxing power. Fair on the overall debate on the necessary and proper clause.

    Still, it’s no contest. They were both our Fathers, with all that implies, but TJ was wrong in 3/4 or more of his disagreements with Hamilton, and far more often and first in turn the contestant who employed vicious political methods and a spirit of demonization.

    • William McIntosh says

      You’re right about this much – its no contest. Jefferson was right in 95+% of his disagreements with Hamilton. While Hamilton’s life story is admirable and he served the Revolution invaluably as aide-to-camp to Gen. Washington, he never really understood his adopted country. Despite spending all or most of his life in the Caribbean and North America, Hamilton never really stopped being a European, with all that implies.

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