Breaking the Law by Moderately Speeding

Making Big Talkers Who Can’t Read

Protecting Political Expression in Campaigns as much as Political Dissidence

Is the Federal Reserve a Philosopher King?

Robin Harris discusses the rise, fall, and legacy of Margaret Thatcher

“The god of this lower world”

Originalism and McCutcheon Part III: Does Congress Have Power to Regulate Campaign Contributions?

Campaign Finance Regulation: Freedom for Me and Not for Thee

Vision of the Humanitarians

ARTs and the Reconceived Family

Minding America’s Business

Charles Koch’s Jefferson

David McCulloch’s 1776

Money Talks

Why Clinton’s Redistribution was Worse than Obama’s

The Jurisprudence of Constitutional Restoration Is Originalism, but Not All Conceptions of Originalism

Originalism and McCutcheon: Part II — Possible Alternative Bases for Protecting Contributions

The Fog of Pragmatism

One of the “Most Activist Judges We Have Right Now”

Indiana’s Current Dilemma: College Readiness versus STEM Readiness

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