Gordon Lloyd

Gordon Lloyd is professor of public policy at Pepperdine University's School of Public Policy. The coauthor of three books on the American founding and sole author of a book on the political economy of the New Deal, he also has numerous articles, reviews, and opinion-editorials to his credit. His latest coauthored book, The Two Narratives of Political Economy, was published in 2010. He is the creator, with the help of the Ashbrook Center, of three highly regarded websites on the origin of the Constitution.

The Constitutional Liberty of the Antifederalists

"The Looking Glass for 1787" detailing the Federalist/Antifederalist conflict.

Your Anti-Federalists or My Antifederalists? Let’s presume that we turn to the American Founding to seek advice in our contemporary conversation with the Neo Progressives and the Admnistrative State.  I suggest that we are better served by considering the advice of the Antifederalists than The Federalist since our current situation is actually a perversion of the good government-good administration teaching of The Federalist. But that means the Antifederalists must be coherent and relevant rather than 1) incoherent and irrelevant, 2) coherent but irrelevant, 3) relevant but incoherent.   Incoherent and Irrelevant The easiest way to define the Antifederalists is narrowly: They opposed the ratification…

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Are My Federalists His Antifederalists?

Gordon Lloyd has spent much of his career studying the Founding period.  One of the many fruits of his diligent work has been his four excellent websites designed to teach the Philadelphia Convention, the Federalist-Antifederalist debates, the Ratification Conventions, and the Bill of Rights to students. To say that Lloyd knows the Founding well is an…

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We Are All Federalists, We Are All Antifederalists

Gordon Lloyd persuades us to arm our resistance to bureaucratic, total government today by appealing to the Antifederalists of the founding era. “The constitutional impediments to the completion of the Progressive national democracy project actually rest on promoting the Antifederalist rather than the Federalist features of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.” Presumably, Lloyd means…

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