Marshall DeRosa

Marshall DeRosa is professor of political science at Florida Atlantic University. He is the author of The Politics of Dissolution and the Rhetorical Quest For a National Identity and The Ninth Amendment and the Politics of Creative Jurisprudence: Disparaging the Fundamental Right to Popular Control.

So Much Power in So Few Hands: Reevaluating Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation

Professor Nichols urges us to revisit the arguments surrounding the Emancipation Proclamation (EP) for two reasons. The second reason noted is that the “constitutional issues at stake  . . .  are relevant to contemporary American politics.” That’s true enough, especially in light of the ever-expanding powers of the US presidency, the corresponding demise of the constitutional rule of law, and lingering race issues. The first reason, “an exercise in political piety” is more problematical. It manifests the inclination of many to approach the Great Emancipator and his proclamation as divine. Put simply, how can one objectively approach the subject if one…

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A Complicated and Constitutional Act of Liberty and Justice

David Nichols’ comment on Abraham Lincoln’s decision to issue an Emancipation Proclamation on January 1st, 1863, is a perceptive and nuanced appraisal of Lincoln’s path to the proclamation. The principal question with which Nichols has had to deal is how to characterize that decision, and there are at least four ways Nichols could have done…

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