Patrick Lynch

Dr. G. Patrick Lynch is a Senior Fellow at Liberty Fund. He is currently working on a book length manuscript focusing on the "state of nature" in political theory.

Jorge Ramos’ Journalism Is As American As Apple Pie

Jorge Ramos is politely removed from Donald Trump's press conference, Dubuque Iowa.

Last week’s dust-up at an Iowa campaign event between the corporate-rent-seeker Donald Trump and the media-attention-seeker Jorge Ramos has prompted many to wring their hands. Did Ramos violate a sacred tenet of the journalistic canon by being biased in his coverage?

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Risk, Liberty, and Drugs: A Response to Theodore Dalrymple

risk and crisis - businessman below storm with umbrella

Theodore Dalrymple’s provocative four posts outlining a case against the legalization of drugs provide an interesting contrast to the contemporary momentum in the Western world today toward relaxing prohibitions on substances long deemed too dangerous for public consumption. 

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Sean Trende’s Realignment of Electoral Analysis

About ten years ago a friend and fellow political junkie told me about a new political aggregator website called Real Clear Politics, which had become popular among his colleagues and friends in academia with an interest in American politics.  I quickly became a regular visitor and big fan of the site. RCP not only links to the mainstream media and political sites from the left and right, they also employ a group of writers and journalists who produce original pieces using solid political science methodology presented in clear, easy-to understand language.  The original work has always been top-notch compared to the MSM and partisan shouting one often encounters on-line. 

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