Declaration of Independence

Twilight of the American Republic

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Twilight of the Republic

This next Liberty Law Talk is a conversation with Justin Litke on his new book, Twilight of the Republic. Our conversation focuses on the book’s attempt to situate twentieth century claims of American Exceptionalism within the context of the

A Fistful of Federalism, Part II

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In my previous post on this theme, I attempted to provide a friendly critique of Greve’s competitive federalism thesis by way of James Madison and his arguments in both Federalist 39 and the Virginia Resolutions of 1798. I wanted

The South Was Right, the Historians Are Wrong: Taking the Antislavery Origins of the Civil War Seriously

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Why did the Southern states choose to secede when Abraham Lincoln was elected president in November of 1860? At the time, Southerners attributed “secession winter” to the fear that Lincoln and the Republicans fully intended to make war on slavery,

Obama as Originalist Orator

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obama lincolnMuch of President Obama’s speech commemorating the 1963 civil rights March on Washington deserves praise–or at least admiration. Speaking from the Lincoln Memorial, he began by reciting the most famous lines from the Declaration of Independence. He reminded his cynical