Declaration of Independence

Natural Rights and the Limited Government Model of the Constitution: A Response to Patrick Garry

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There is much to commend Professor Garry’s essay. He is eminently correct in saying that the Constitution contemplated a limited government. Whether it adhered to a “limited government model” is a different issue.

What is more than curious, however,

Twilight of the American Republic

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Twilight of the Republic

This next Liberty Law Talk is a conversation with Justin Litke on his new book, Twilight of the Republic. Our conversation focuses on the book’s attempt to situate twentieth century claims of American Exceptionalism within the context of the

A Fistful of Federalism, Part II

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In my previous post on this theme, I attempted to provide a friendly critique of Greve’s competitive federalism thesis by way of James Madison and his arguments in both Federalist 39 and the Virginia Resolutions of 1798. I wanted