Brexit Prospects: A Conversation with Theodore Dalrymple

British union jack flag and Big Ben Clock Tower at city of westminster in the background - UK votes to leave the EULaw and Liberty regular and essayist extraordinaire Theodore Dalrymple visits Liberty Law Talk to discuss Brexit, the EU, and rising nationalist currents in the West.

PovertyCure: From Aid to Enterprise


Can the current model of humanitarian aid generated by networks of large philanthropic foundations, NGOs, and Western governments actually alleviate the poverty of the world's Bottom Billion, to quote the title of Paul Collier's book? This podcast with the Acton Institute's Michael Miller, director of the new Poverty Cure Initiative, puts forward a persuasive case rooted in particular communities in Africa and South America that the conditions for prosperity emerge from our free and relational nature as human beings. Accordingly, authentic help to the world's poor must not be driven by the notion that the global poor are the objects…

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The Transnationalists are Coming!

In this edition of Liberty Law Talk, I speak with John Yoo about how the American Constitution should interact with the proliferating sources of international law in treaties, conventions, agreements, and customary international law.  A growing array of transnationalist legal scholars believe international law should be more easily incorporated into America’s constitutional and domestic law however much it may interfere with popular consent. Yoo’s new book, co-authored with Julian Ku, Taming Globalization: International Law, the U.S. Constitution, and the New World Order, provides sturdy constitutional arguments for dealing with these questions. The Constitution's core structure of separation of powers and…

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