Politics, Yes; Agency Experts, No


In an earlier post I commented on President Obama’s success in bulldozing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) into regulating the Internet as a public utility. GOP legislators have since vowed to look into the matter; among other things they’ve asked the FCC to turn over all correspondence with the White House, to learn whether there has been any “illegal coordination” between the President’s flacks and the “independent” FCC. This strikes me as a rather pathetic response and an unhelpful distraction.

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Happy (Almost) Birthday, PCAOB

Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of the Court’s decision in Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Bd., 130 S. Ct. 3138 (2010).  I intended to mark the occasion by posting these thoughts on June 28th itself, but quite understandably, all of us will be completely preoccupied by Florida v. HHS tomorrow.  (In fact, on Thursday morning, I will be on a panel analyzing the Florida v. HHS decision at an event sponsored by AEI.  Readers are invited to use this link for details about attending in person or watching the live video feed.)  So here goes, one day earlier than…

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