John Adams

Liberté, Egalité, Non Merci

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The home and birthplace of John Adams—and his son, John Quincy Adams, diplomat, president, legislator and, most important, translator of the indispensable The Origins and Principles of the American Revolution, compared with the Origins and Principles of the French Revolution

The Revolution in Ideas and Practice That Elevated American Liberty

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Ted McAllister and the Liberty Law Forum at Liberty Fund are to be thanked for resurrecting a vitally important but seemingly forgotten, or, at least, neglected topic. The subject of McAllister’s essay is the American tradition of liberty, which he

The Measure of Remembrance: The Declaration of Independence and the American Future

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Editor’s note: This Fourth of July oration was first delivered by G. M. Curtis III on July 1, 1989 in Lone Mountain, Montana, for a conference on American citizenship.

As an American historian and as an American citizen who

Russell Kirk’s Founders and the Unwritten Constitution

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2013 is the 60th year since Regnery Publishing brought Russell Kirk’s The Conservative Mind to the reading public.  The book helped transform modern American politics and inform many emerging conservative minds. When I was interning in Washington, DC more than

John Adams’s Reconciliation of a Theory of Liberty with a Practice of Liberty

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John Adams reconciliation of natural right with popular consent is the task of constitutional politics.

Timothy Sandefur seems to let his dislike for John Adams get in the way of his analysis. Sandefur thinks that the issue is “the

Liberty and Order: The First American Party Struggle

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Liberty and Order is an ambitious anthology of primary source writings: letters, circulars, debate transcriptions, House proceedings, and newspaper articles that document the years during which America’s founding generation divided over the sort of country the United States was to

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