The French-German Disconnect

Riss zwischen Frankreich und Deutschland

A recent article in the French newspaper Le Monde drew attention to an important difference between the French and the Germans. The French, said the author, think that the government spends other people’s money; the Germans think that the government spends their own money. This, if true, is important because each attitude must affect the politics as well as the economic policy of its respective country.

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Friday Roundup, January 31st

A New Birth of the Old Freedom: David Upham in our Books feature this week reviews Gerard Magliocca's new biography of John Bingham and his Fourteenth Amendment: As to Magliocca’s second claim—the revolutionary character of the Amendment—the evidence that he presents is flatly contradictory. As far as Bingham was concerned, the Amendment served to renew and restore, and not overthrow, the Framers’ Constitution. While Magliocca concludes that Bingham and his colleagues “created” a “new multiracial Republic,” many Republicans, including Bingham, had always believed that the Republic was multiracial and had rejected Taney’s holding in Dred Scott in favor of the common…

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Money and the Constitution

Pretty much down to a man, the Founders were hard-money guys. Nowadays, money is mostly a matter of keystrokes—of the Fed’s fiat. That changes everything—the economy, the workings of our institutions, the Constitution and its political economy. In my continuing effort to educate myself on this stuff—belatedly, in my dotage—I’ve just finished reading two fine books.

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