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Is the Federal Reserve a Philosopher King?

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FedA lively and informed discussion was held at the American Enterprise Institute on March 20, 2014 on the question: Is the Federal Reserve a philosopher king or servant of the treasury? Alex Pollock, a frequent contributor to Law and Liberty

Mugged by Uncertainty: What Can Alan Greenspan Still Teach Us?

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The Map and the Bubble

The so-called “Great Moderation,” for which our fiat-currency central bankers gave themselves so much credit, turned out to be the Era of Great Bubbles. The U.S., in successive decades, had the Tech Stock Bubble and then the disastrous Housing Bubble.

Issuing an Existential Challenge to the Federal Reserve

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Peter Conti-Brown has developed a cogent analysis of the constitutionality of the present-day Federal Reserve System’s ongoing operations.[1] His discussion of constitutional principles applied to the Fed’s contemporary monetary policy is both enlightening and logical. I learned from it, and

Milton Friedman’s Work: Free Men and Free Markets

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A Practice to Justify a Theory of Freedom: Friedman’s Engagement with a Collectivist World

Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom is a modern classic. Along with F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, Friedman’s 1962 book introduced many readers to classical liberal