Natural Right

The Scholarly Abuse of Edmund Burke

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Edmund Burke

Drew Maciag’s Edmund Burke in America is a historiographical essay. After a brief introduction, the author proceeds to a short chapter laying out his interpretation of Burke’s thought, then reviews and characterizes various interpretations of Burke’s work by Americans, beginning

Peeling Back the Common Law: Reflections Stirred by James Stoner on the Common Law

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We were not aware at the time that they were twilight years, that time just before Roe v. Wade was decided, when statutes on abortion were sustained in the courts and only occasionally struck down.  That is in part why

The Most Dangerous Justice? “Natural right is dynamite”

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Recently Justice Clarence Thomas reflected on the American condition and its relation to the Constitution.  He focused far less on specific legal issues and more on the enduring love of country  “we the people” give it.  He described how the

John Adams’s Reconciliation of a Theory of Liberty with a Practice of Liberty

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John Adams reconciliation of natural right with popular consent is the task of constitutional politics.

Timothy Sandefur seems to let his dislike for John Adams get in the way of his analysis. Sandefur thinks that the issue is “the