The Federalist

A Republic Formed from Reflection and Choice

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The Constitution that emerged from the Philadelphia Convention on September 17, 1787 meant nothing. But after a period of mature reflection and calm consideration, the American people, through their state ratifying conventions, deliberately chose to preserve that Constitution from the

Woodrow Wilson’s New Constitution

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Wilson 2

The centennial of Woodrow Wilson’s 1913 inauguration as the twenty-eighth president of the United States has been marked by substantial scholarly attention to his presidency and to Progressivism generally. Among the most recent works is A. Scott Berg’s massive Wilson

Natural Rights and the Limited Government Model of the Constitution: A Response to Patrick Garry

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There is much to commend Professor Garry’s essay. He is eminently correct in saying that the Constitution contemplated a limited government. Whether it adhered to a “limited government model” is a different issue.

What is more than curious, however,

The Disposition of Common Law: A Reply to Barry Shain and John McGinnis

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